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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

17 December 2007


Dear wife took this picture of me at Denny's today. We always swear never to return to that awful place.. and then a few months go by, amnesia sets in and we try it again. Denny's sucks. Avoid.
It's been a few days and I'm kind of out of it- sorry dear readers! With the recent blizzard and follow up storm we had here in New England, it's been gray and dreary and kind of depressing to be in the clutch of winter. I'm busily building my new bike racing team, finding new sponsors, recruiting racers, ordering custom apparel, working, blogging whenever I can, commuting to work by bike as much as possible, growing my hair out a bit.. Bought myself a new fixed gear commuter bike.. About to buy new bike racks for our minivan. Selling kid's bikes on the internet.. Training for 2008 as much as possible, sometimes indoors on the wind trainer or the rollers.. In good health and feeling pretty strong lately.. Here's a picture I took of myself after a 100 minute ride in the 20 degree cold of this past Saturday. It's colder than it looks, especially on the water in Colt Park. I went out there to do the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen ride at 11:00 on Saturday, only to realize that the ride was actually on Sunday! Never to waste a chance to ride my bike, I instead went for a solo ride through the towns of Bristol, Warren and Barrington.. Stopped and saw a friend who was at work.. tried unsuccessfully to ride on the snowy bike path.. Good times.. almost fell on some black ice (that slipping sensation is so much scarier on a fixed gear bike!) Keep warm!


the Husband said...

You sure looked stressed........and with good reason....

ldesf said...

Murat, it's Leo from todays ride (12-25-07). great to meet and ride with you my friend. Nice 9-2-5, if my eyes serve me correctly.

Ended up with just over 4 hours of saddle time @135 bpm average... my longest fixed gear ride to date... if only by half an hour.

My email is:
if you'd ever like to contact me for a ride if your up in the boston area. look foward to sprinting with you at Wells.

Cheers, Murat!!


p.s. sorry to read of your father's health. last year my father too rested on the precipice of life and death; we we fortunate that his treatment (and it's timing) was a success.
I wish the best to him and to you and all of his loved ones. peace, Murat.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hi Leo!
Yes today's ride was excellent. Glad you showed up. I got about 2 hours even for the day, so you really put the hurt on yourself with the four hours on the fixie! Don't do any ILT til you recover in a few days. (individual leg training) It's pointless if you don't rest and repair. FYI, in that final 30 minutes we were together, I averaged 226 watts, with normalized power of 277 (of course I only weigh 172..) I'm pretty sure you will do some serious damage when the road season begins. Keep in touch!