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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

16 January 2008

ALTOIDS.. The curiously expensive mints

I must say though, the GUM which is sold by the same brand is even more of a rip-off.. You get 20 little pieces for two dollars. At least the two dollar tin of mints lasts a few days.. Then again.. it's kind of my fault, because since as long as I could chew gum, I've been using it as food, even the expensive Altoids Gum. Yes since my childhood I've had the bad habit of swallowing my chewing gum as soon as the flavor runs out. Miraculously, no giant wad of gum populates my abdomen.. I eliminate the stuff without any problems. It's perfectly safe [for me].. in fact it probably does a good job of curbing my hunger and keeping the pipes working. So, I beg to differ:
Where the hell am I going with this?? Aha! Yes I remember now- I've been a lousy blogger and failed to give you any interesting content for a while. I feel badly about it.. but it'll pass. Remember folks, I have four blogs now, so I'm spread pretty thin. Add to that my managing and directing of my new elite bike racing team, and there you have it... There's only so much I can do.. Having given up about ten minutes of sleep to give you this tonight, I hope it was worth the minute or so it took you to read it.. so far.
Winter is a lousy time of year for me. I count the days until it is warm again.. I curse the arctic air and the snow and the ice and heating bills.. I'm on edge and depressed in the winter. My only anti-depressant is of course bike riding and eating.. which is good because if I did one and not the other, my weight would change drastically. These past few weekends have included some three+ and four+ hour bike rides in the relatively cold outdoors. Last week I was commuting to work by bike- it was quite mild for a few days.. but this week it's insanely cold out and I don't have it in me to do it.. so I train after work, in the house, on the rollers or the wind trainer..
My hair is out-of-control long.. I'm terrible at managing it so I always look like I've just rolled out of bed, no matter what time of day it is.. It's a combination of stubborn-ness and a self-hate [of myself with short hair]- I always look like a total dork with short hair.. Besides.. everyone at work has military style crew cuts.. yet most have pear shaped torsos.. making it seem less than honorable to be conformant.. If you're going to have hair like a soldier, at least try to behave like one and honor your body with smaller portions and with food that doesn't increase your mass and ruin your health! Gaaah! Guess I'd rather just be different.. right now. Besides, it's starting to look kind of good.. and best of all.. wife is beginning to really like it too.

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Finduk O. said...

it's all about the wife dude, if you're wife likes it, then it IS good.

and you're right, swallowing gum does curb hunger. sorority chicks in college used to eat gum all the time (from what i hear, never tried it myself).

there is supposed to be something bad with that, in the long run. it's supposed to tear up or wear down something, but i dont remember what.

instead of altoids, here in izmir i buy/use/swallow "nane sekeri"
you know what that is? i like it :) it's like itsy bitsy candy cane parts :) or like shiny altoids