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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

18 January 2008

Scion Xb versus Chevy HHR ??

Which one is better? Both start around $16,000.. but only the Scion has ABS, side curtain airbags and traction control, standard.. The HHR has a nice and durable plastic clad trunk area and fold flat rear seats (Xb has chintzy fabric covering and flimsy trunk cover flap)
Both vehicles are good on gas- 28 and 30 mpg respectively. The Xb has more standard horsepower and is more fun to drive than the HHR. The HHR is styled like an old 1940's milk truck whereas the Xb is styled very high tech modern.. Maybe these vehicles both suck.. but please consider that we are looking for an affordable and roomy "novelty" vehicle with lots of curb appeal, one we can decorate with graphics and make it into a "". It will also receive some graphics of the new M1 Racing Team. Thoughts? Opinions? Alternatives?


gewilli said...

you cross posting goof ball

Noel said...

My wife just bought a Dodge Caliber, take a look at them.