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07 February 2008

Fuck You and your Headscarf..

Lest we forget, this is why we lost the World Cup:Women were burning their bras 30 years ago, now they want to avoid burning in hell, and they want to do it in the places where G-d's reach is constitutionally off-limits: in college campuses. My skin crawls with the thought of college girls in tight jeans wearing their irrelevant beliefs wrapped around their heads as a one square meter badge of honor.. Are we also going to permit "Satanists" to wear all black clothing adorned with pentagrams?? (Remember that uproar of about 10 years ago?) If I wanted to be able to roll out of bed and show up to class without bathing or washing my hair, I'd want to wear a head scarf too! Then again, it's kind of cool for men to appear as though they've just gotten laid, check the movie Killing Zoe. This is what you call "dumbing it down" for the masses. Oh well.. worse things can happen.. and will. They always do. Too bad ignorance and stupidity aren't painful..

Are you
Ready for
More problems for Turkey this

Yeah.. It's about that time..

PS: No one seems to notice the bigger picture, the long view, the extended timeline of this situation.
Does anyone take example from the failures and human rights issues of other Islamic states? At a time when we should be fingering Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and saying: "I never want Turkey to have those problems", we are thrust headlong into conformance with the Islamic status quo. All it takes is baby steps.. A few ripples will swell into waves, and later into a tsunami of all the wretchedness which our Father of Turks saved us from in the first place.
Myopea reigns supreme.
Hey while we're at it, let's remove women's right to vote and make their court testimony worth 1/4 of a man's. And there's no sense making me suffer with only one wife to do all my cooking and cleaning. Why not let a few of them share the work? Go big or go home. Why only one little move in reverse? Oh yeah, because we're more easily fooled into taking metered doses of sugar coated bullshit. Would you like the red pill or the white pill, Neo?


Murat Altinbasak said...

For those who are unimpressed with the title, I wanted to convey the spirit of what I think most who oppose the idea are feeling. Plus I wanted to add a 'shock and awe' factor to a post which I whipped up at 3:00 am. Originally, I had woken up soaked thru in a cold sweat.. SO I changed, then I had to pee, then I felt hungry so I had a bowl of LIFE cereal, then I was so awake I sat down in front of the monitor. There you go. No apologies in there, though. Thanks for reading.

Idil said...

Amen to that brother.

nhrider said...


It is your blog, brother. No apologies are required!!

Finduk O. said...

i liked your title, although i personally wouldn't have worded it in exactly that way...

nhrider said...

Can someone take a moment to educate me on the significance of the head scarf and why it was banned in the first place?

Celal Birader said...

Maybe boys in universities should also be allowed to wear the fez.

sclapham said...
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Anonymous said...

You can make fun of us women who wear headscarves, but we choose to do so. All women have the freedom to wear a headscarf or wear a bikini on the beach. You don't have to make fun of women who do cover up.

Since you say " G-d's " and not "God" you must be a a turkish jew.

You can make fun of us women who wear headscarves and arabs, south asians and other muslim nations.

You call yourselfs "Kemalists, Ataturkists" and all other silly nicknames...However, the biggest joke in the muslim world is that we call turks "Muslims in denial"

You keep knocking on the EU doors to get in, but at the end of the day, remember one thing:

In the eyes of the EU Turks are nothing but a bunch of camel jockeys like the rest of all muslims in the middle east.

And you don't need to apologize, just go online and google "Erdogan buries Ataturk" or "Watching Ataturk Fade"

Call me a raghead, but remember...mustafa kemal is dead, but Islam will never die ;)