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13 February 2008

Kyrgyzstan Amputees: Who is to blame?

Murat has just one question: Who should be held accountable for this horror? Energy shortages caused this? What the FUCK? Exxon's 4th quarter profits were a record breaking $9.92 BILLION dollars. Royal Dutch Shell: $9 BILLION. BP: $6.5 BILLION.
You think these unfortunate footnotes of humanity care about whether we pay $3.00 or pay $2.79 for a gallon of gas for our fucking SUVs? How about a pair of gloves, wool socks and warm boots? G-d save us from ourselves.. I'll add more to this later...
A homeless woman whose limbs were amputated due to severe frostbite lies in a hospital in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, February 13, 2008. REUTERS/Vladimir Pirogov
Homeless amputees whose limbs were amputated due to severe frostbite lie at a hospital in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, February 13, 2008. Extreme cold is no surprise to the 60 million people scattered across a region wedged between Russia, China and Iran, but this year's winter has exposed the poor state of crumbling Soviet-era utilities and pipelines and sparked energy shortages. REUTERS/Vladimir Pirogov


nhrider said...

Although this is a tradegy of epic proportions, I hardly think you can ask or expect multi-national public companies to foot the bill for energy for this country. It is a sorvreign nation and is responsible for it's own people. It is not the responsibility Exxon, et al.

I know that the US maintains an airbase there, so I can appreciate the fact that we provide assitance to this country. (U.S. Assistance to Kyrgyzstan

Question: How much U.S. foreign aid does Kyrgyzstan receive and are there any plans to augment that funding given the security situation in the country?

Answer: Total U.S. assistance to Kyrgyzstan was $50.8 million in Fiscal Year 2004. While figures for total U.S. assistance for Fiscal Year 2005 are not yet available, the State Department budget contains $31 million in aid to Kyrgyzstan under the Freedom Support Act. We will continue to support economic and democratic reform in Kyrgyzstan, including elections, humanitarian assistance, law enforcement, and security, and will carefully watch for emerging needs. )

My question is why doesn't the other "stans" in the area provide help and relief? Why doesn't Russia provide help. They also still maintain a military presense in the country. I don't think that the US should foot the bill entirely. Oh well, that's my two cents. You can agree or not. That is your right.

For more on Kyrgyzstan:

nhrider said...

As a side note: Kyrgyzstan is working to reduce its dependence on Russia. Turkey is developing close links based on ethnic similarities and aimed at restraining Iranian influence.

Murat Altinbasak said...

I know I jumped the gun a little, but I wasn't saying that it's the responsibility of you, me, the US or Exxon to save these people. I just saw the word "energy" and lost it. My only real point of bringing up Exxon and such is that there's something terribly wrong with this picture. To think that $30-40 wirth of socks, shoes, gloves might have helped avoid the loss of limbs, makes me real angry that Exxon rakes in $9 billion in one quarter.

nhrider said...

You owe me no apologies Murat. This is why we all like your blog. It has good topics that we all can discuss and state our opions. I will admit, your post got me to look up information about this country, which is something I have never done. I thought it was interesting about Turkey helping them. I admit, I am ignornant about Turkey but I learn a lot from you and your "friends of Turkey".

Internation Musing said...

Murat, who are accountable? Their governments and some Turkish institutions since they are trying to sell the idea that everything there is honey and spice.
For sure, I would say: keep the Great Turkic Nationalist a la Ali Kubeli reponsible for it as well. Uzbekistan, Takmenistan, Kazachstan, Kyrgystan...when under Turkish rule, they will prosper...
Some believe in fantasies rather than in realities:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the next Borat movie can be a documentary on Krgyzystan.

Exxon also pays about $30 Billion in taxes, (41% of its taxable income), so you and I don't have to pay as much.

Last year, Exxon paid $28 Billion in taxes.

And what about all the people it employs (about a 100,000) and all the taxes and income and consumer spending and investment they bring to the table.

It must be 'politically correct' to blame the rich and corporate America for America's (and the world's) ills, but sometimes the 'succesfully-challenged' people need to get off their butts and stop asking for handouts.

Here's an article used in my references:

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