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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

08 February 2008

Sticker Shock and Awe

My barber passed away about a year ago.. He was 90+ years old, hunched over with shaking hands and a scrunched up face with an almost comically large chin. Loved the guy. When I discovered he was gone, I went into a zombie like trance in search of a person who could fill his shoes. It's hasn't been fruitful. I've been to about 4 different barber shops in the past year, sat down and patiently waited my turn, when suddenly something about the place- it's cleanliness, it's clientele, it's smell, it's chairs, someone's poor grammar.. something.. made me get up and walk out, un-clipped. I've had two haircuts in the past year: once by my former barber's son, who did a piss poor job, and again while in Turkey last July, where they always do excellent work. So it's been about 6 months.
Today I had enough of trying to manage and control  and fight with my curly lion's mane and I went to my wife's downtown salon. Got an appointment with her stylist. Expected to pay through the nose and be treated a little bit special. Even though those two expectations were met, it was still a disappointment. The guy struggled for over an hour to cut my hair with scissors (I would have been happy with a quality clipper job), left me looking kind of like a little kid and they ended up charging me FIFTY FIVE MO FO DOLLARS.. I wanted to get out of there so bad that I didn't argue. I paid my bill, left a $10 tip, and screwed. They had told my wife on the phone that it would be $29.. not sure why I paid double.. must have something to do with taking so long.. I guess I'm all caught up in terms of my annual "haircut budget". I can afford to go there once a year.. Not.. Never again. That was a dumb move. As I've always believed and now confirm: Men should go to barbers. No exceptions. If you let a woman or a "stylist" cut your hair, you either like eating your corn the long way or you still live with your mom. 


Anonymous said...

Was it John Edwards who got $400 haircuts. What did that come with? A happy ending?

Anyway, here in Southern Cali, I do go to Toni & Guy, but I have a 'guy' who cuts and styles my hair. I tried barbers. But all the good ones are either dead or should be dead.

By the way, here's a (men's) barber who cuts haor for $37.

nhrider said...

Concord New Hampshire, American Barber Studio. $16 dollars. It's a real Barber Shop, where off color jokes are encouraged.

Oz Kanka said...

Come back to Turkey Metin. I pay 10tl (about 8 dollars) for a cut, cut-throat shave and a shampoo... and a weird conversation about how the country is going to the dogs.

Metin said...

The R/T airfare to Turkey would offset the savings of a haircut, Oz Kanka.