America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

29 March 2008

Gray Wolf: Still endangered?

Gray Wolves aren't very popular anymore.. Do you like Gray Wolves? Maybe not.. but if you were under attack from three different sides you might pray for a Gray Wolf to come and fight for you..

28 March 2008

He's going the distance.. he's going for speed..

Funny song.. Long week, but it went by fast! Here we are on Friday.. and with rain threatening all week, it's a surprise that I managed to commute to work by bike every singe day (including today!) I am very happy about that. Happiness for me usually involves doing things I don't feel like doing, but which I know I must do.. Discipline. Keeping promises to myself. 
All tricked out in my new bike uniforms, I feel pretty good. The whole team looks great. Looking good is a part of feeling good, no denying that.. or at least that the reverse is true.
Selling kid's bikes! We're going to grow this business if it kills us. Lots of incredible ideas and plans have been developing behind the scenes between dear wife and I. The "blogsite was updated recently, mainly to announce the arrival of new colors of the LikeaBike Jumper- red, white and blue. See for yourself. We sold a few bikes this past week and that's always great. I love it when the Crackberry goes off to announce that someone bought a bike out of our inventory from our Ebay store. Lately, with the dollar so weak, most bikes are being sold to outside of the US.. Fine and dandy. I shipped a bike to Canada yesterday.
Training program has been different this week- primarily because it was all performed outside for a change! I was apprehensive at first, because of the cold and wind, which I hate. Suffering through intervals is bad enough without fighting the cold and wind and traffic.. Plus with my newly rated Functional Threshold Power, I was worried that I was going to blow my wad and ride to failure on Tues and Thurs. Turns out I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. On Tuesday I trounced through my three ten minute intervals at FTP (271 with 10 min recovery in between) - actually I held back a few watts on the first two and then nailed it on the third one. Then last night a series of ten FT+10% (300w) intervals 1 min on 1 min off, followed by three more 3 min intervals at FT+5% (285w), 3 min recovery in between. This looks to be the first week in 2008 where I break 200 miles. The bike commuting helps. The pounds will now really begin to melt away! Thanks for reading.

24 March 2008

Aren't we cute?

Ebru and I had dinner at "10 Prime Steak and Sushi" restaurant in Providence last night. The dessert menu was in 3D! Good times.

19 March 2008

Day one of my 38th year..

..and I discover how many forums and websites know my date of birth..
..Father is in the ER.. in poor condition but stable. Time to get ready.. hazirlan..
This birthday sucks balls.. I'm a hollow shell of a person. It's one of those days when you think about taking a wrong turn someplace and never looking back. Just go. Away. For a little while.

18 March 2008

Arthur C. Clarke dies in his 91st year

"In a videotaped 90th birthday message to fans, Clarke said he still hoped to see some sign of intelligent life beyond Earth, more work on alternatives to fossil fuels -- and "closer to home," an end to the 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka between the government and ethnic Tamil separatists."
As a huge sci-fi fan who used to read a book a week without fail.. this news stops me in my tracks. -AT

17 March 2008

I am so not into this right now..

Forgive me as my bicycle, my racing team and my training/racing become the center of the universe for a while..
One piece of good news: Remember how our furnace cracked and burned when the low water cut off failed? Well our home owner's insurance company covered the cost of the new furnace! (except for a deductible) Get Met. It pays!
Other good news: Today's production meeting.. boss receives an e-mail on his Blackberry from accounting (which I am CC'ed on) Five minutes later the same e-mail arrives on my Blackberry. "Oh look, a $47,000 check came in from so and so".. Boss looks at me and says"You JUST received that e-mail??" Yuppers. And he promptly called the IT guy and ordered me up a new Blackberry. Mine is as old as dirt, a hand-me down. Everyone else has the latest shit.. So I get an upgrade.. Woo-hoo!
Last bit of good news: After much nail biting and fretting and cursing.. our racing team's apparel order is finally on it's way to us from abroad (no not from a woman, from far away). I have a tracking number and everything. Scheduled to arrive Wednesday. To convey the magnitude of this investment to you, let me just say that it's nearly 5 figures out of my own pocket fronting this apparel order. Amerikan Turk is an official sponsor too.. and I can't wait to show you.. You will be able to purchase and wear the official team colors of Yours Truly if it so interest you..
Thanks for reading.

15 March 2008

Burger King Morning Tongue = Morning Wood

I saw the ad last night for the first time. At first I thought it was pretty stupid. Then it came on again and at the very end, the coin dropped. "Morning tongue" is the equivalent of "morning wood"- which is when a man has an erection when he wakes from sleep in the morning. This idiot in the commercial awakens with an enlarged tongue protruding from his mouth.. he goes to Burger King to get relief. Woman looks over at him as he's about to bite in to a cheesy hash brown.. tongue sticking out and all. Hilarious. Genius. When it comes out on YouTube I'll post it.

10 March 2008

Trigger Man

In my bizarre dreams of last night, I was part of a game of forced Russian Roulette- I was the trigger man- forced to do it by some anonymous evil person. Blew one guy's brains out.. The next one was very lucky- Five or six tries and he kept getting an empty chamber.. But I was falling apart spinning the barrel and pulling the trigger. In between heaving sobs and crying I begged for the man's life to be spared. I decided I would rather die myself than pull the trigger again. Remind you of a certain movie and a certain actor? I don't know where this one came from, but it stuck with me all day long- that feeling of ::click:: and no bullet. Hollow, but alive. The way Tyler Durden felt after letting the convenience clerk live to pursue his dream of a veterinary career. I need a vacation.

05 March 2008

I'm a passenger for once..

Traveling to NYC today.. I'm tired and don't feel like driving.. So for the first time ever I'm in the back seat of our minivan while Ebru has complete control of it. This is nice.. Especially sitting next to my son. Nap time.
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Women-only gym hours stir debate at Harvard

What I want to know is: Do all universities in Turkey have gyms and athletic centers?
Are they all co-ed at all hours of the day? Are head scarves allowed at Harvard? If so, why is it okay here in the US, but not in Turkey? Who wants to go first?

04 March 2008

Franz Wright's words of wisdom

"Letter" January 1998

I am not acquainted with anyone there,
if they spoke to me
I would not know what to do.
But so far nobody has, I know
I certainly wouldn't.
I don't participate, I'm not allowed;
I just listen, and every morning
have a moment of such happiness, I breathe
and breathe until the terror returns. About the time
when they are supposed to greet one another
two people actually look into each other's eyes
and hold hands a moment, but
the church is so big and the few who are there
are seated far apart. So this presents no real problem.
I keep my eyes fixed on the great naked corpse, the vertical corpse
who is said to be love
and who spoke the world
into being, before coming here
to be tortured and executed by it.
I don't know what I am doing there. I do notice the more I lose touch
with what I previously saw as my life
the more real my spot in the dark winter pew becomes—it is infinite. What we experience
as space, the sky
that is, the sun, the stars
is intimate and rather small by comparison.
When I step outside the ugliness is so shattering
it has become dear to me, like a retarded
child, precious to me.
If only I could tell someone.
The humiliation I go through
when I think of my past
can only be described as grace.
We are created by being destroyed.

-Franz Wright
..and now.. you know the rest of the story. I listened to Franz read this piece during an interview on NPR one day, and those last few lines made me want to pull over on the side of the road and put my head in my hands and cry. Those last six words continue to ring in my head and there isn't a day which passes that they don't cross my mind or my lips- albeit silently- to myself like a prayer or a national anthem where your voice is silent but your mouth wants people to think otherwise. As with the poisonous chemotherapy which my dear father is enduring these days as he fights the cancers in his body, so too does the phrase apply to the sport I love, in which stressing and breaking down the body systems causes adaptations which make them stronger and better. So I applied these words to my two blogs, and to the new uniforms of my bike racing team- on the back of the collar. It's hard to make out, but you can see it here, bottom center. To listen or read exerpts of the show which I believe I caught on NPR that day.. click here.

Nickelback sucks balls

The voice of the lead man is so effing awful I just turned off my radio. Terrible.. What passes for music these days is quite astonishing.  

Avoid crowds, teenagers and Americans in general

What the fcuk is going on lately?
A 60 year old goes berserk at a Wendy's in West Palm Beach, Florida..
A piece of shit 16 year old girl offs her Texas family, including the children
Six people are murdered in Memphis Tennessee, including two childen
A 17 year old in Georgia kills his mom and two child siblings
All within the past few days. Lots of crazy shit happening.
Sometimes it seems like each day, more people die in the US from random violence, than perhaps the rest of the world combined. It figures though... We have only 5% of the world's total population but we somehow use/abuse/waste about of 25% of the world's natural resources, water, food, elements.. one of which is apparently 'lead'. How long before the 5/95 rule catches up with us? How long before the other 95% of the world wises up and how long before life sustaining materials are proportionately rationed to us according to need? Tell you what.. it won't take a large amount of deprivation for Americans to kill eachother over a gallon of gas, pack of cigarettes, loaf of bread, or a beer. We act and consume like pigs. If the supply of anything ran out for an extended period for a large enough population of Americans, firearms will be a requirement for survival. That scares the crap out of me.