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04 March 2008

Avoid crowds, teenagers and Americans in general

What the fcuk is going on lately?
A 60 year old goes berserk at a Wendy's in West Palm Beach, Florida..
A piece of shit 16 year old girl offs her Texas family, including the children
Six people are murdered in Memphis Tennessee, including two childen
A 17 year old in Georgia kills his mom and two child siblings
All within the past few days. Lots of crazy shit happening.
Sometimes it seems like each day, more people die in the US from random violence, than perhaps the rest of the world combined. It figures though... We have only 5% of the world's total population but we somehow use/abuse/waste about of 25% of the world's natural resources, water, food, elements.. one of which is apparently 'lead'. How long before the 5/95 rule catches up with us? How long before the other 95% of the world wises up and how long before life sustaining materials are proportionately rationed to us according to need? Tell you what.. it won't take a large amount of deprivation for Americans to kill eachother over a gallon of gas, pack of cigarettes, loaf of bread, or a beer. We act and consume like pigs. If the supply of anything ran out for an extended period for a large enough population of Americans, firearms will be a requirement for survival. That scares the crap out of me.


nhrider said...

Come on Murat, you're not being fair. This happens in the majority of countries. It's just that we have a free and open press and allow bad news to be published. Your headline should read "Avoid crowds, teenagers and people in general".

Although I can't speak for the 60 year old, it's like I said on my blog, we failed our latest generation by not spanking them when they misbehaved. Time outs never worked and the "Time Out Genberation" is suffering the consequences. Spare the rod and spoil the child!

nhrider said...

Headlines from around the world

U.S.: Troops find 14 bodies shot in the head in Iraq (Bodies of Iraqi security forces or anti-insurgents found, U.S. military reports

Car bomb detonates in central Baghdad, killing 15 people

Another car bomb detonates in eastern Baghdad, killing three

Suicide blast kills 5 in Pakistan

45 killed in Pakistan funeral blast

Military: Colombo blast wounds 7
A suicide blast wounded at least seven people in the Sri Lankan capital Friday, the military said.

Afghan bomb kills 5 in same family

Pakistan attacks hit aid group

Wheelchair bomber kills 3 in Iraq police station

Bombers, gunmen attack Shiite pilgrimage in Iraq

It's not just the US. I could go on....

Murat Altinbasak said...

You miss the point You are not comparing apples to apples here. Those events are all political/military in nature, they are not perpetrated by Average Joe Schmo!
In America, it doesn't take more than the mood swing of a depressed teen who stopped taking meds, for blood to flow like a river..

Colin R said...

Sometimes it seems like each day, more people die in the US from random violence, than perhaps the rest of the world combined.

You're still about 1000 times more likely to die in a car or under the wheels of one than you are to be gunned down by "a depressed teen who stopped taking meds."

nhrider said...

I don't consider any of those military in nature. I am not sure they all count as "political" either, but that's another story.

Murat, you miss my point. Things suck all over. At least in the US you are far less likely to be the victim of a suicide bomber. That is the most cowardly type of killer ever. None of them are going to "Paradise" for killing inocent civilians.

I agree with colin r.

Finduk O. said...

i actually agree with all of you. and yet all of you are missing the point to a degree.

--as far as freedom of the press, it is only as free as you see it to be. the press is censored in ways in the states that it is not censored in...say...germany

--as far as the deaths in iraq being called military or political, if you imagine a foreign power in the united states (for whatever reason) then in probability you can also imagine an increase in bombs and fighting. "give me liberty or give me death" is not an iraqi quote from what i remember from third grade. so i think that's what murat meant by it being political/military.

--i totally agree. any single notion that requires your giving up your life for that ideology is a really fudged up ideology. the only thing a person gives up his own life for is for the safety of his own life (or family/home) or for literally the land he stands/lives on. the only way land changes hand is through blood, and if you try to create a country any other way then the people who oppose that negotiated country will spill blood to get it back (think israel).

so anyway, i agree with all of you, but you're all looking at things sort of incompletely. it's all correct. just not as wide as a mindset to connect the three together.

oh yeah, i especially agree with the time-out stuff. what the heck is that. you baby a child while it's a baby, not when it's 5 or 8 years old. they need to know right and wrong by then. and responsbility, even if responsbility just means putting their own toys away after they play with it.

and i agree that there are poorly raised children all over the world. it's just that in other countries they are also "poor" financially so they cannot get a hold of a gun to be able to kill off their entire family. which is why these types of shootings really do occur more here. it's not lack of freedom of the press abroad. it just literally practically impossible to carry out.

Metin said...

That's why we have the Second Amendment!

. . . declaring a well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the security of a free State" and prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms."