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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

29 March 2008

Gray Wolf: Still endangered?

Gray Wolves aren't very popular anymore.. Do you like Gray Wolves? Maybe not.. but if you were under attack from three different sides you might pray for a Gray Wolf to come and fight for you..


John said...

Gray Wolves are a symbol, of spirit, independence, grace, freedom, and saddly persicution.

These gorgeous animals deserve so much better than the plight they have been delt. The general attitude of people about the wolves is just plain sad.

Metin said...

Grey Wolves also have a symbolic meaning for those 'nationalistic' Turks . . . and they're definitely not extinct.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin gets it.

uha1 said...

Cool animals! I was pretty amazed when I first read some about Grey wolves from Paulo Coelho`s book The Devil and Miss Prym, and I though thats just a myth. Wow that`s nice to hear that we still have some on Earth. You certainly would want to see this, story of a legendary Turkic boy raised by the wolves.

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