America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

17 March 2008

I am so not into this right now..

Forgive me as my bicycle, my racing team and my training/racing become the center of the universe for a while..
One piece of good news: Remember how our furnace cracked and burned when the low water cut off failed? Well our home owner's insurance company covered the cost of the new furnace! (except for a deductible) Get Met. It pays!
Other good news: Today's production meeting.. boss receives an e-mail on his Blackberry from accounting (which I am CC'ed on) Five minutes later the same e-mail arrives on my Blackberry. "Oh look, a $47,000 check came in from so and so".. Boss looks at me and says"You JUST received that e-mail??" Yuppers. And he promptly called the IT guy and ordered me up a new Blackberry. Mine is as old as dirt, a hand-me down. Everyone else has the latest shit.. So I get an upgrade.. Woo-hoo!
Last bit of good news: After much nail biting and fretting and cursing.. our racing team's apparel order is finally on it's way to us from abroad (no not from a woman, from far away). I have a tracking number and everything. Scheduled to arrive Wednesday. To convey the magnitude of this investment to you, let me just say that it's nearly 5 figures out of my own pocket fronting this apparel order. Amerikan Turk is an official sponsor too.. and I can't wait to show you.. You will be able to purchase and wear the official team colors of Yours Truly if it so interest you..
Thanks for reading.


Internation Musing said...

Congratulations with all the good news, and Happy Birthday tomorrow!

nhrider said...

Looking forward to seeing the uniforms for your team. Happy Birthday a day early.