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09 May 2008

Who do you miss?

You can miss someone whose side you left moments ago. You can miss someone who you haven't seen in a while, or for a very long time. Me. I miss my brother, sister, father, mother.. to be more specific... I miss the times when the five of us were together under one roof. laughing. sleeping. fighting. eating. whispering. shouting. I mourn the end of those days.. however painful.. or sad.. or turbulent.. I mourn the loss of that unity.. the different flight plans of our lives. It's tragic that five family members can be so polarized.. misunderstood.. separate. It's been an emotional period for me, these past few weeks. I hold it together while in the presence of friends, family, co workers.. but occasionally I fall apart like a house of cards.. I let go. I'm overwhelmed. I'm forced to stop and pause.. pull myself together.. tighten my chin strap and get back in the game.. It's not just people we miss. we miss places. time periods.. days. moments. homes and neighborhoods.. views from a window.. sounds, smells, tastes.. silent moments of solitude. lonely moments of fear. It's bittersweet. that yearning for what is over and gone. Time passes. We remember things long forgotten. suddenly. like the rush of dopamine from that first hit. then we discover that there's something more that we miss. something which has worked itself loose.. and fallen from the machine.. as it continues to slowly fall apart.

Apart from discovering this song at the end of the movie "Last Kiss", I borrowed the Coldplay disk from my brother a few months ago and never returned it. This song does indeed beg the questions: "Who do you miss?" and "Who misses you?"
When you know you will lose someone and the duration of the timeline is getting compressed, songs like this will turn you inside out. Press play for me.


Anonymous said...


I share your sentiments. We all miss the times. And we all miss the past and the paths we've taken.

There's nothing we can do to change the flow of time.

But it teaches us to change the way we enjoy the present. Because one day it too will be in the past.

You know you will lose someone. That's a blessing to make things right. In most cases, we never know when we're going to lose someone.

Never too late to say we love them. and never go to bed angry and unresolved.

Anyway as they say, do as I say, not as I do.

I am learning as well...

nhrider said...


I am surprised that you don't realize that missing someone is not subject to a time frame. You can miss someone immediately.