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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

24 September 2008

Lance Armstrong: 38 and going for number 8 in 2009

(CNN) -- Cycling superstar Lance Armstrong stunned the sports world September 9 when he announced that he would come out of a three-year retirement to attempt to win the Tour de France for a record eighth time.
The 37-year-old Texan said he was returning to raise awareness of cancer, having survived testicular cancer to triumph in cycling's most famous race.
Money quote: "Physically, at 37, I'll be almost 38 when I start the tour next summer. That's slightly different, but ultimately, I believe that the mind powers the body, and once the mind says we want to do it, then the body will follow." Full story on CNN

Well said. Lance and I are almost the same age, and his announcement gives me and my bike racing aspirations a much needed shot in the arm. In fact, there are probably thousands of masters (30+ competitors) who are inspired to train a little longer, suffer a little more, race a few more years because of guys like Lance and Eric Zabel and Joop Zoetmelk and Andre Tchmiel and David Rebellin... More importantly, I hope that Lance gives hope and strength to those who are now fighting the disease to survive. At the end of the day, what can you do besides salute the guy for trying?


nhrider said...


While I agree that Lance inspires a lot of people, I think he should have stayed retired.

Astana already has two Tour contenders. Are they now supposed to take a backseat to Lance and ride in support of his "Man From La Mancha" quest to get #8?

I have to admit that I am all Lanced out and will not be rooting for him this time. Ride Levi ride!!!!

Arka Sıra HANEDANI said...

i am fascinated to hear that Lance' coming back...İt is the spectacular message to every suffers who lost their belief to survive.. love you Lance like Kazım Kanat...