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17 November 2008

401-k HELL

I'm going to be sick. A 401-k account held for me by a former employer has gone neglected and reached a level not seen unless I look back at a statement from 5 years ago. This isn't my main 401k, so I'll just share the meager and agonizing numbers with you. Beginning in January 2002 and ending in October 2003, I contributed $8,497 to this 401k account, which includes some employer matching. This is over a 21 month period. By the end of the 24th month, the balance of this account appreciated to $10,624. This represents a gain of over $2000! Hold that thought..
Here's how my initial investment of $8,497 evolved over the next 5 years, with NO NEW CONTRIBUTIONS:
12/31/03: $10,624
3/31/2004: $11,106
6/30/2004: $11,060
9/30/2004: $11,055
12/31/2004: $12,370
I am the shit. Look at me, UP nearly 4 large ones. I rock!
3/31/2005: $12,210
6/30/2005: $12,385
9/30/2005: $13,548
12/31/2005: $14,302
I should be a day trader. I picked these mutual funds myself, biotch.
::Kisses own biceps::
3/31/2006: $15,160
6/30/2006: $15,069
9/30/2006: $15,638
12/31/2006: $16,858
Oh boy! I doubled my money in three years! Suck it, Ben Stein!
3/31/2007: $17,171
6/30/2007: $18,498
9/30/2007: $19,242
12/31/2007: $18,911
Holy Crap! I'm UP over $10,000! I am giving unsolicited 401k advice to people..
3/31/2008: $17,269
6/30/2008: $16,955
Fuck it, I'm still double my initial investment. It will recover.
9/30/2008: $14,336
Well I'll be damned, I was wrong.
11/17/2008 (Today): $10,522
I HATE YOU, 401k. Die you 401k mis-managing mother-uckers!
::Striking own head against nearest blunt objects::
I'm back where I was five years ago! Only ahead by $2,000!!
So what would YOU do if you were me?
I'm gonna let it ride a bit longer. It's not a loss until you sell, and technically, I'm still ahead..
Let's look at the bright side. There are people out there who are retired or very close to retirement, who are seeing losses like this on an immense scale, compared to me. I wouldn't want to be someone who's 60-70 years old right now.

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leo said...

Hey Murat, it's Leo from Boston.

I'll be in RI for Thanksgiving-that Sunday and looking for some riding buddies particularly for thanksgiving morning...10AM or so for 3 hours.

maybe friday and saturday too.

let me know if you want some company!

-Leo (