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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

15 January 2009

Bleeding Economy

My client is blowing me off. Why you ask? Well, he owes me $2,000. Last meeting I had with him he was driving his sister's Denali and I was in the back seat overhearing their conversation. His sister said how she heard SoAndSo got $17,000 off the Escalade they bought from WhatsHisName because they're desperate to sell in today's economy and if you pay cash you get a big discount. I then heard my client say how he's been wanting one and maybe this week he'll do the same. Hmm, cash, must be nice. Why can't he pay me my balance then? He should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself. So, I'll keep calling and he'll keep sending my calls straight to voicemail. The poor thing must be too busy driving around ruining the environment with his disgusting new gas guzzling Escalade.


realelif said...

Photo courtesy of my best friend Megan Alter who is an awesome photographer. The bleeding wound courtesy my hand after a roller blading fall with above friend.

Internation Musing said...

indeed, an interesting photo, and a good one for the post...

Il Bruce said...

My most deadbeat customers are often the ones seemingly flush with cash. There is a culture not of the customer dictating payment terms.

"We don't pay in less than 60 days."

Well I'm going to raise your price.

The days of customers bullying their suppliers are numbered. We need to get paid too. Companies who will not extend credit to their customers are often the ones who will not pay.

My industry seems to becoming less competitive. Competitors who would allow their customers crazy prices and terms are calling in their chips and users are turning to us. Suddenly we don't look so bad.

It's ugly out there. One of our bigger local accounts closed the doors yesterday. Nobody knew it was coming except for the news crews taping the employee reactions.

super hero said...

the same shit goes in turkey too, it is like forever, even before the depression.

nobody wants to play in cash. and they just cant see it is a dead end.