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07 January 2009

In My Humble Opinion

Random question with no real importance;

Is a person still humble if they just claim themselves to be? If one was humble, wouldn't they not boast about it? At first when I hear, "In my humble opinion" I feel the power is given back to me to decide on my own. The humbleness suddenly opens me up to the opinion because it isn't forced, it's gentle. But then I feel tricked! Why would they tell me they're humble? Is that humble?


Murat Altinbasak said...

My opinion is humble because my knowledge of such matters is deficient. For example, your opinions on bike racing would be humble whether you admitted it or not. A humble opinion is usually free and unsolicited advice with a disclaimer of liability.

It's a moot point because opinions are worthless- kind of like adding a coat of paint to an atom bomb- does not affect the bomb's performance.

realelif said...

Ok, so I'm a little paranoid. Woopdeedoo big brother, you got me.

But wait! Aren't there those people that use this phrase for their own manipulative advantage? Maybe that's when I don't like hearing it.

It doesn't matter. Like I said it's not really important.

Ardent said...

Elif, I laughed when I read this post because you have a valid observation. :)

But I agree with Murat, the person who uses this term is just trying to stipulate that they are no expertise in the subject discussed.

Noel said...

I agree, Murat. It is used too often as an intro to a considered opinion that is almost certainly different from the listener's opinion.

Finduk O. said...

It's anything, but humble. More often than not, it is just a filler used to either sound intelligent or to buy some time to come up with something to my know-it-all opinion :)