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08 November 2009


If you told me 10 years ago that I would one day break down and buy a "Christmas" tree I would have made a face indicating that I smell cabbage.. "That's blasphemous" might have been my reply. Now looking back upon 38 years of deprival of one of the most cherished and fundamental American traditions ever known, all I can really take credit for is saving some time and some money. "We don't celebrate Christmas" is not a compelling enough reason for a six year old boy to accept. Christmas is a holiday of glittery sparkly pine scented money spending gift giving wholesomeness and nothing more. Am I religious enough to believe that I will get onto G-d's shit-list for participating in such a pagan ritual? Well maybe so.. caulk it up there with my occasional drinking, pork consumption, gambling, complete and total failure to ever pray five times a day, or fast, or set foot in a mosque for the past 15 years, or give 1/40th of my income to charity.. and the act of buying a Christmas tree begins to seem like the most religious and good thing which the Angel on my right shoulder has ever recorded in my little book of Good Deeds.


Anonymous said...

I thought Christmas 'Tree' was a Pagan tradition and has little to do with Christianity. It's a cultural association. And nowadays, it is more closely associated with the commercial aspects of retail business and consumer engagement of expensive sorts...


Btw, Christianity is not the lone victim. We are also guilty of plenty cultural and paganistic rituals and their association with 'religion' r 'religious' observations within the 'Islamic' nations, and attributing it wrongfully to Muslims and Islam.

Gulay said...

tt you are right, its a very old tradition that has not much to do with chritianity. In its truest form it survives in Scandinavian countries where people simply put lights on them to celebrate the winter solstice, similar to a Yule Log...Maybe someone else will correct me though

Murat Altinbasak said...

Original pagan ritual was to decorate trees with dead birds and rodents. Maybe an urban legend?