18 February 2011

A word about dogs and cats

I am an animal lover. Maybe not to the extent of a pet owner, but I can't resist the affection and cuddliness of a dog or cat which approaches me in a friendly way. Where I draw the line is all of the charities and rights groups which exist solely for the protection of these animals. Here's a revelation: there are people throughout the world in need of food and shelter, and until they are taken care of, no animal charity will receive dollar one from me. Saving animals from euthanasia is ridiculous. Look- there just too many domesticated pets for people to successfully take care of. Every dollar offered to an animal charity could go to a human charity instead, and SHOULD! Last I checked, euthanasia is not an option for humans in need. It's a humane option for animals, so DO IT!! Send your money to the charities which help keep humans sheltered, healthy and fed please..
Don't even get me started on pet food- the million fucking dollars spent on a TV ad for Fancy Feast could pay for the sustenance that a town of 10,000 people requires, for a long time.
More to come on this subject.
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07 February 2011


Fatherhood shapes lifetimes of behavior, habits and values. It never ends. Years after losing him, I'm in the unfortunate yet grateful position of realizing this, that he lives in me, and I carry immense guilt because my younger siblings were cheated- I had him all to myself..
Please pardon the sentimental rantings of this textbook Pisces..
Thanks for reading.
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