28 March 2011

Post number 1206

Has anyone seen Metin or his Talk Turkey blog? Where is Phanja? Burcu? Superhero? Remember Turkish Torque? There were others.. I used to do a periodic Hitchhiker's Guide to all the Turkish blogs.. Those were fun times I think. Deborah? Drop some old names if you know where to find them.


Gulay said...

Talk turkey vanished last year, Turkish Torque is the one I miss the most, not sure what happened there and Superhero also indicated he was done

jedilost said...

it is so nice to see that people still remember superhero. as gulay said it, it was taking too much time and i am done with it. now i am running two other blogs in turkish and in english but i don't update them as much as i used to. if you see someone with a nickname jedilost, it is most likely to be me.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Good to see you're still doing something. I'll check out your new work and add your link here.